How Can a Single Advertising Message Be Tailored to Multiple Demographics?

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    How Can a Single Advertising Message Be Tailored to Multiple Demographics?

    Crafting a single advertising message that strikes a chord across various demographics is an art, and we've gathered insights from four marketing experts to show you how it's done. From evoking common emotional needs to crafting universal values with customized channels, these professionals, including a Website Copywriter and a Marketing Manager, share their strategies for multi-demographic appeal.

    • Evoke Common Emotional Needs
    • Focus on Universal Emotions
    • Highlight Versatility with Scenarios
    • Craft Universal Values with Customized Channels

    Evoke Common Emotional Needs

    When tailoring a single advertising message so that it resonates with multiple demographics, it's important to get to the heart of what the audience truly wants.

    Sure, you might be targeting people in varying demographics, but what want or need do they all have in common? That's what you want to evoke in your copy. When you can touch on the emotions behind that want (or need!), you can more effectively speak to all members of your audience, no matter what their official demographics are.

    Kristie Statuto
    Kristie StatutoWebsite Copywriter, Kristie Anne Copy

    Focus on Universal Emotions

    While delivering universal messages to multiple demographics is incredibly difficult, it isn't impossible. Rather than focusing on products or features, you need to focus on the universal underlying emotions. That might be family, nostalgia, or fear.

    Popular musicians often write obnoxiously vague lyrics to attract as many listeners as possible. They don't sing about a specific time they were in love; they talk about "love" in the sense that anyone can copy and paste those lyrics into a Facebook status and feel like the words resonated with them.

    Of course, that's all easier said than done. Your advertising message should be A/B tested with various demographics to see if they all walk away feeling the same emotional takeaways as intended. If not, it might be time to go back to the drawing board to see if you could hammer home a different ideal or emotion.

    Garrett Carlson
    Garrett CarlsonContent Marketing Manager, The Loop Marketing

    Highlight Versatility with Scenarios

    As a digital marketing manager with over six years of experience running ads to market a product for different target demographics, I found it extremely helpful to identify common values and interests that resonate with the target audience. It's crucial to highlight the versatility of a product or service by presenting different scenarios in which it can be used.

    For example, a kitchen appliance ad could highlight the core message of saving cooking time while presenting a visual asset that resonates with multiple demographics. For example, one version of the ad could display a young professional using it to make quick meals, another version could show a family cooking together on a Sunday, and a third version might display older adults making quick meals for family gatherings.

    This approach balances a common interest between different demographics while sending the same core message to 'save cooking time'.

    Brenda Benitez
    Brenda BenitezDigital Marketing Manager, Brenn The Marketer

    Craft Universal Values with Customized Channels

    To tailor a single advertising message for multiple demographics at SurvTech Solutions, I use market research to understand each group's needs and preferences. I identify core values that resonate universally and craft the message around these, while incorporating language, imagery, and channels that appeal to each demographic. By using customized channels, inclusive language, and continuous testing, I ensure the message effectively reaches diverse audiences, fostering inclusivity and connection while maximizing the impact of my advertising efforts.

    Emily Falcone, MS
    Emily Falcone, MSMarketing Manager, SurvTech Solutions