How do You Pivot a Marketing Strategy Effectively?

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    How do You Pivot a Marketing Strategy Effectively?

    In the fast-paced world of marketing, agility is key. We've gathered insights from Digital Marketing Directors to Presidents, sharing seven real-life scenarios where they had to pivot their strategies swiftly. From embracing change for digital marketing success to overcoming pandemic challenges with a digital pivot, discover how these professionals turned potential crises into opportunities.

    • Embrace Change for Digital Marketing Success
    • Transition to SaaS Triples Business
    • Backup Plans Ensure Marketing Resilience
    • Adapting Strategy Boosts Engagement
    • Pivot to Local Tourism Spurs Engagement
    • Diversify Traffic Sources for Stability
    • Digital Pivot Overcomes Pandemic Challenges

    Embrace Change for Digital Marketing Success

    In digital marketing, like in life, the key to success is to embrace change. Your ability to quickly test, adapt, and pivot as a marketer will give you the upper hand. For example, I remember my client being one of the first universities to take advantage of Facebook Live, which allowed us to gain huge reach and generate more leads. The same is true of clients who were quick to use email automation, lead scraping, or hyper-personalization. Being first to test and optimize will allow you to compete with bigger competitors. It's essential to understand that what works today might not work tomorrow, so digital marketers must be quick to adapt and not harbor any attachment to how things used to be.

    Jonathan Buffard
    Jonathan BuffardDigital Marketing Director, Bottom Line Marketing Agency

    Transition to SaaS Triples Business

    Click Attack Marketing took a bold leap from being a services-only agency to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) powerhouse. We introduced a comprehensive system for our clients, featuring a tracking number, CRM, integrated forms, landing-page funnels, mobile app, email capabilities, a chat widget, and automation tools. Our mission was clear: transition all clients to this new platform within 90 days.

    Despite the steep learning curve, our dedication to extensive training and a solid plan paid off. We didn't just reach our goal; we surpassed it, tripling our business and significantly reducing our client attrition rate. This transformation underscores the true value of a unified system, a tool many small businesses still lack. Our journey from a traditional agency to a SaaS leader exemplifies the power of embracing change and equipping businesses for success. Goal, Plan, Execute, Repeat.

    David Esau
    David EsauDigital Marketing Strategist / Agency Owner, Click Track Marketing

    Backup Plans Ensure Marketing Resilience

    Before embarking on any marketing execution, thorough research is essential. However, from years of experience, I can attest that marketing executions often deviate from the initial plan due to various factors, such as third-party influence or unforeseen circumstances. In such situations, having a backup plan is imperative. In Indian terms, this is commonly referred to as a last-minute 'jugaad.'

    While this backup plan may not be as precise or effective as the original, it should be robust enough to deliver nearly the same results. The best approach is to begin by evaluating the current strategy, considering metrics like ROI and customer engagement, and identifying market trends. It's crucial to acknowledge that even if 100% of your efforts are on point, the involvement of a third party who fails to deliver their expected output can derail your plans. Therefore, preparing a contingency plan with the understanding that something might go wrong is more likely to yield better results than relying solely on a plan assuming everything will proceed flawlessly.

    Gaurav Rawool
    Gaurav RawoolMarketing Manager, Hella Infratech Pvt Ltd

    Adapting Strategy Boosts Engagement

    As the search marketing strategist at Saltwire Network, I once faced a situation where external factors significantly impacted our marketing strategy. In response to a sudden change in consumer behavior due to a major news event, we quickly pivoted our focus to real-time and trending topics. By leveraging our agility and adapting our content strategy to align with the current news cycle, we were able to capture increased online engagement and capitalize on the heightened interest. This shift not only allowed us to stay relevant and responsive to our audience but also resulted in a notable uptick in website traffic, demonstrating the importance of adaptability in navigating dynamic market conditions.

    Ilker Dalgic
    Ilker DalgicSearch Marketing Strategist, Saltwire Network

    Pivot to Local Tourism Spurs Engagement

    Once, we faced a sudden shift in travel restrictions due to unforeseen circumstances, which meant our usual marketing strategy was about to tank. Overnight, we pivoted from promoting international adventures to local hidden gems, tapping into the growing trend of staycations and local tourism. This quick turn not only kept us relevant but also opened our eyes to a vastly untapped market right in our backyard.

    We leveraged social media to share captivating stories of local explorations, engaging our audience with content that mirrored their current reality and possibilities. The response was overwhelming – our engagement rates soared, and we discovered a loyal community eager for local adventure inspiration. This experience taught us the power of agility in marketing. By listening to our audience and adapting quickly, we turned a potential setback into a thriving opportunity. It underscored the importance of being flexible and responsive to change, something every business can apply to stay ahead of the curve.

    Swena Kalra
    Swena KalraChief Marketing Officer, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

    Diversify Traffic Sources for Stability

    My fitness website was significantly impacted by the recent Google March Core Update. This sudden change in search engine algorithms caused a drastic drop in our organic traffic, putting us in a not-so-favorable position. Faced with this challenge, I realized the importance of diversifying our traffic sources and quickly pivoted our marketing strategy to mitigate the impact.

    The first step I took was to create a fitness Facebook group. It was a strategic decision to build a community where we could engage directly with our audience, independent of search engine fluctuations. The group was designed to offer value through exclusive content, live Q&A sessions, and community-driven support. This initiative allowed us to maintain a steady stream of leads by encouraging a sense of belonging and loyalty among our members. The best thing was that we didn't depend on the wild Google updates, and we could continue being profitable without worrying about new penalties that almost always result in going out of business.

    Jason Vaught
    Jason VaughtPresident, Houston SEO Company

    Digital Pivot Overcomes Pandemic Challenges

    One instance where I had to swiftly pivot our marketing strategy was during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With restrictions on in-person gatherings and property viewings, our traditional marketing channels were severely limited. Recognizing the need to adapt, we swiftly transitioned our focus to digital platforms and virtual tours. We ramped up our social media presence, leveraging targeted advertising to reach potential buyers stuck at home. Additionally, we invested in creating high-quality virtual tours for our properties, allowing interested clients to explore homes remotely.

    The outcome was remarkable. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, our sales remained steady, and we even saw an increase in inquiries from individuals seeking to capitalize on the low interest rates. By pivoting our strategy to embrace digital solutions, we not only weathered the storm but also positioned ourselves as innovators in the industry.

    Samantha Odo
    Samantha OdoReal Estate Sales Representative & Montreal Division Manager, Precondo