What Are Current Trends You’ve Capitalized on in Digital Advertising?

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    What Are Current Trends You’ve Capitalized on in Digital Advertising?

    In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, we've gathered insights from CEOs and marketing heads to explore the most impactful trends. From embracing authenticity in ads to integrating augmented reality in campaigns, discover the seven transformative strategies that have shaped their successful campaigns.

    • Embrace Authenticity in Ads
    • Combine SEO with Content Marketing
    • Utilize Immersive Social Media Formats
    • Capitalize on Micro-Moments
    • Engage with Localized Event Marketing
    • Implement Programmatic Advertising
    • Integrate Augmented Reality in Campaigns

    Embrace Authenticity in Ads

    Realism is huge in digital advertising right now. Tired of polished actors, stock images, and shiny logos, audiences instead crave authenticity. So lean in, and give followers a behind-the-scenes tour of your company without worrying too much about that stack of water bottles or printer paper. These kinds of idiosyncrasies actually enhance your brand and make you seem genuine and trustworthy.

    The same is true of putting your own face forward. I hesitated to include my image in advertising for a long time, worried I wasn't quite 'camera-ready.'

    But recently, I began speaking directly to my audience in off-the-cuff videos and even used a clip from one of them in a broader campaign. The strategy has been working, and while I still cringe a little at the sound of my voice-over speakers, I've noticed a higher click-through rate on these ads.

    My sense is that in a highly corporatized environment, people long for a more humane connection. Small- and medium-sized businesses have a great opportunity to build these face-to-face relationships in a believable way.

    Rob Reeves
    Rob ReevesCEO and President, Redfish Technology

    Combine SEO with Content Marketing

    A significant trend I capitalized on in digital advertising lies in the intertwining of SEO and content marketing. This duality has become increasingly prominent, leading to a significant positive impact on our campaigns at Businessmap. By creating content that addresses our target audience's needs while simultaneously optimizing SEO-driven keywords, we've found a strategy that significantly boosted organic web traffic.

    A shining example of this is our "Ultimate Project Management Guide," a comprehensive content piece that addresses common pain points for project managers. The article was organically optimized for high-volume keywords relevant to our industry, leading to a 150% spike in web traffic and an 80% increase in lead conversions during its first month of publication. It demonstrated that SEO-focused content marketing is a game-changer for digital advertising and business growth.

    Gabriel Lukov
    Gabriel LukovHead of Inbound Growth, Businessmap

    Utilize Immersive Social Media Formats

    One emerging digital advertising format my team rapidly capitalized on—with immense success, if I may add—is leveraging Instagram and TikTok's new marquee web experiences, expanding immersive canvas formats beyond confined mobile screens.

    The exponential creative acreage and freedom from duration constraints allow branded story content and augmented interactions only partially realized through limited Stories and Grids historically. For fashion and lifestyle clients especially, the cinematic creative scope proves groundbreaking.

    One summer travel client had plateauing engagement on conventional seasonal promotions. Our creative leaders conceived an ambient web experience, teleporting audiences into a tranquil lakeside resort digitally through gentle music, ASMR natural sounds, and guiding graphic overlays tied dynamically to scrolling exploration.

    Users spent over five times longer immersed on average compared to previous video assets, while overall campaign conversion goals were achieved with only 30% of prior digital media investment requirements. Both the emotional brand connection and performance metrics from embracing risky new formats crushed expectations.

    Stephen Hudson
    Stephen HudsonManaging Director, Printroom

    Capitalize on Micro-Moments

    One significant trend I've capitalized on is the concept of 'Micro-Moments' in digital advertising. This is when consumers turn to a device, usually a smartphone, to act on a need to learn, do, discover, or buy something. Understanding that these moments were when decisions were being made and preferences shaped, my team at Businessmap structured our digital advertising campaign around them.

    We optimized our content for 'I-want-to-know' and 'I-want-to-buy' moments, providing informative content and clear CTAs, respectively. We also leveraged data analytics to understand when these micro-moments were most likely to occur for our audience. This resulted in a 40% increase in engagement and a 20% rise in conversions. Thus, paying attention to and optimizing for these rapidly evolving needs of customers in real time significantly impacted our campaign's success.

    Pavel Naydenov
    Pavel NaydenovHead of Marketing, Businessmap

    Engage with Localized Event Marketing

    One significant trend we've capitalized on in digital advertising is the integration of localized, event-based marketing. By targeting specific geographic locations and tailoring our ad content to reflect local events and celebrations, we've significantly increased engagement and conversion rates.

    This strategy not only enhances relevance but also fosters a sense of community among users, making them more likely to interact with and support the brand. The impact on our campaigns has been profound, leading to higher ROI and stronger connections with the target audience at a community level.

    Kiel Jared
    Kiel JaredFounder, Kija Creative

    Implement Programmatic Advertising

    One significant trend that my team at DesignRush and I capitalized on was the shift toward programmatic advertising. We leveraged this trend to create highly personalized and efficient campaign strategies. Applying AI and real-time bidding models, we were able to target specific customer segments with bespoke messages, which considerably increased engagement rates. For instance, during one campaign, we managed to increase our conversion rate by 15 percent compared to past strategies. The essence lies in understanding and swiftly adapting to digital trends and integrating them into advertising strategies for tangible, success-oriented outcomes.

    Gianluca Ferruggia
    Gianluca FerruggiaGeneral Manager, DesignRush

    Integrate Augmented Reality in Campaigns

    An emerging trend our tech company jumped on in digital advertising is leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) tech. We've integrated AR in our ad campaigns, allowing customers to virtually try our product before buying. It's like trying on a pair of shoes without leaving your couch! AR has brought a unique, immersive experience and a tangible connection between our products and consumers. The result? Our customer engagement and sales shot up, marking a highly successful campaign.

    Abid Salahi
    Abid SalahiCo-founder & CEO, FinlyWealth