What Methods Align a Marketing Team's Goals With Broader Business Objectives?

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    What Methods Align a Marketing Team's Goals With Broader Business Objectives?

    In the quest to synchronize marketing efforts with overall business aims, we've gathered insights from Directors of Marketing and CEOs alike. From understanding client needs to ensuring simple communication aligns marketing objectives, explore the five effective methods these experts recommend for aligning your marketing team's goals with the broader business objectives.

    • Understand Client Needs for Goal Alignment
    • Host Cross-Company Off-Sites for Unity
    • Regular Cross-Functional Meetings Enhance Alignment
    • Cross-Departmental Meetings for Strategic Alignment
    • Simple Communication Aligns Marketing Objectives

    Understand Client Needs for Goal Alignment

    The number-one method that, in my experience, helps me align my team's goals with broader business objectives is to focus on making sure each individual has a strong understanding of the clients we serve. As a digital marketing agency, our end goal is to help clients succeed.

    When the entire team knows not just what we're trying to achieve, but why we're trying to achieve it, they are immediately more equipped to think independently about the best way to go about solving any given problem. I make it my mission to become knowledgeable in each industry my clients operate in because an effective marketer needs to understand what makes each business unique. Each team member should understand the audiences, the challenges, and the defining characteristics of each brand they work with. A deeper understanding of our clientele equips each of my colleagues with the ability to sync themselves intuitively to the broader objectives we focus on in leadership.

    Ben Gunden
    Ben GundenDirector of Inbound Marketing, Web Moves

    Host Cross-Company Off-Sites for Unity

    One method that's really hit the mark for syncing our marketing team at Centime with the broader business goals is hosting a cross-company, in-person off-site. Think of it as a 'business retreat,' where brainstorming meets bonding. By taking the team out of the usual office setting, we break down silos and foster open communication across different departments like Sales, Marketing, Product, and Customer Success.

    It's amazing how a change of scenery can spark creativity and encourage everyone to think outside the box. During these off-sites, we align on big-picture objectives through collaborative workshops and fun team-building activities. By alternating between keynotes and breakout sessions, we ensure just the right amount of learning and brainstorming. This not only ensures everyone is on the same page regarding our goals but also strengthens interdepartmental relationships. It's like mixing a bit of work with a dash of play—a recipe for a more unified and driven team, ready to tackle our business objectives with renewed vigor.

    Aimie Ye
    Aimie YeDirector of Content Marketing, Centime

    Regular Cross-Functional Meetings Enhance Alignment

    As the CEO of Ignited Results, I've found that regularly aligning the marketing team's goals with broader business objectives requires clear communication and collaboration. One effective method is to conduct regular cross-functional meetings where marketing, sales, and other key departments can share insights, updates, and upcoming initiatives. This ensures that the marketing team is well-informed about the overall business strategy and can tailor their goals to contribute directly to the company's objectives. This alignment fosters a sense of shared purpose and enhances the effectiveness of marketing efforts in driving the business forward.

    Jon James
    Jon JamesCEO, Ignited Results

    Cross-Departmental Meetings for Strategic Alignment

    One effective method we've used at JetLevel Aviation is implementing a system of regular cross-departmental meetings. These sessions involve our marketing team and other departments, ensuring everyone is aligned with the broader business objectives. During these meetings, we share insights, set collaborative goals, and review progress. This approach fosters open communication, ensuring that our marketing strategies are not only creative and innovative but also directly contribute to our overarching business goals, such as expanding our client base, enhancing brand visibility, and supporting sales efforts in the private jet charter industry.

    Fahd Khan
    Fahd KhanDirector of Marketing & Technology, JetLevel Aviation

    Simple Communication Aligns Marketing Objectives

    In the most effective businesses, your marketing goals will be encompassed within the broader goals of the business. Marketing is an essential component of any organization, and the best ones ensure that all departments are working toward the same objective. I've found the best way to align objectives is the simplest approach: communication.

    At the beginning of each year, I talk with each team to see their goals and try to understand how my messaging can help them achieve the results. For example, speaking with IT helps me learn some of the hidden features or benefits of our product. Their goal may be to get more people using it, which then may lead to a new audience to target. Communication is always key, and we spend so much time focused on how we will talk to the external audience, we often neglect the internal audience, which has a ton of information that can help us all get to our goals and business objectives.

    David Troy
    David TroyHead of Marketing, Therapixel